Southern Sorachi Region in Hokkaido Green Tourism

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Customized Tours

A program for the year

The change of the four seasons is quite noticeable in the Southern Sorachi.
May I present a program for the year of this region to you?


【Explanatory notes】 spring : spring  summer : summer  fall : fall  winter : winter

The Grand Nature Trial Programs that are available only in Hokkaido Outdoor programs Recreation Programs Festivals and other events

The Grand Nature Trial Programs that are available only in Hokkaido

Play in the Yubari River

We go down the Yubari River in a boat.(PDF) springsummer

Enjoy learning of Hasanbetsu Satoyama lifestyle

Go hiking in the nature of Hasanbetsu Satoyama. springsummerfall
Cooking Pizza in a kiln.(PDF) springsummerfall
Baked Potato in a camp fire of fallen leaves. fall
Sweet potato roasting tour. fall
Pounding steamed rice into cake. springsummerfallwinter

Enjoy cultivating the fields of Hasanbetsu Satoyama

Restaurant in the field. springsummer
Rice farming in a rice paddy.(PDF) springsummer
The cultivation of vegetables and harvest experience.(PDF) springsummerwinter

Learn the habits of living creatures

Introduction to bird watching(PDF) springsummerfallwinter
Observing insects.(PDF) springsummer
Searching for omurasaki (great purple emperor butterfly).(PDF) springsummer
Learn about the ecology of river by fishing & eating. springsummerfall
Observation of the Woods in fall and winter.(PDF) fallwinter

Going into the woods at night

Night hiking.(PDF) springsummerfallwinter
Star watching.(PDF) springsummerfallwinter
Catching fireflies(PDF) summer

Enjoying powder Snow in winter

Making a snow house. winter
Exploring on powder snow with snow shoes. winter
Snowshoeing on snow mountain. winter

The Indoor Trial Programs include

Enjoying woodwork.(PDF) springsummerfallwinter
Making a wood whistle.(PDF) springsummerfallwinter
Making your own Chopsticks.(PDF) springsummerfallwinter
Making an ornament.(PDF) springsummerfallwinter
Making buckwheat noodles from dough.(PDF) springsummerfallwinter
Making a Christmas candle. fallwinter

Outdoor programs

The Mikasa Village Railroad Memorial Hall. springsummerfall
The Yubari Coal Mine Museum. springsummer
Yuni Garden. springsummerfall
Viewing cherry blossoms. spring
Bird-watching white-fronted gooses of a protected animal and swans fly over the sea in spring & fall. spring
The forest of Fabre is an observation breeding farm of Omurasaki. summer
Visiting a rose garden. summer
Observing colorful leaves in fall. fall

Recreation Programs

Let’s play golf. springsummerfall
Let’s take a hot spring bath. springsummerfallwinter
Let’s try pottery making. springsummerfall
Let’s go skiing and a snow playground for recreation. fallwinter

Festivals and other events

Feb Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov


・Snow festival


Shinisematsuri (fresh rice wine festival in the long-established sake brewery)


・Viewing cherry blossoms in the park
・The event during the Golden Week
The fair booth of the sky at sunset


・Yubari melon festival
The fair booth of the sky at sunset
Iwamizawarose festa


Iwamizawa flower festa
Kuriyama Summer festival
The fair booth of the sky at sunset


Yunicyo Summer festival
Yubari Summer festival
Naganuma Maoi Dream festival
bon-dance & fireworks show
Mikasa Railway village Summer vacation festival
・Hokkaido Sorachi gourmet fond
The fair booth of the sky at sunset


The Kuriyama Shrine festival attracts a lot of street stalls and visitors
Iwamizawa home festa
The fair booth of the sky at sunset
Sorachi wine picnic


・Go to the mountains to enjoy fall leaves
Mikasa Railway village Autum vacation festival
・Autumn Harvest Festival
Mouyo・manji Autumn leaves festival



Make good memories of your trip on your last day

Go on a tour around the Southern Sorachi by private car.

We can pick you up at your hotel in the city of Sapporo by our private car and send you back for your comfortable trip (for example the New Chitose Airport).
We will show you around the Southern Sorachi.
Our private car is a most suitable for a group or a family within 5 persons.
There is a wide space of you can walking in this car.
We can offer an original green tourism plan at the requests of guests.
Have fun with the Green Tourism!

A basic charge for a tour around the Southern Sorachi with one of our company cars: 40,000 yen (tax excluded) for one-day trip (for example, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).
for 2 persons 25,000 yen (tax excluded)
for 3 persons 30,000 yen (tax excluded)
for 4 persons 35,000 yen (tax excluded)
for 5 persons 40,000 yen (tax excluded)

Accompanying by a guide interpreter (English) with additional charges : 15,000 yen for a half-day trip, 20,000 yen for one day trip (subject to change depending upon the season).

Opening tour

Half-day Tours: Kobushi Kiln, the oldest pottery kiln in Hokkaido(held every day)
Day hot spring bathing tour(held every day)
Make good memories of your trip on your last day in Hokkaido(held every day)

A package tour


This plan is a day trip of enjoying history and culture in the southern Sorachi. The plan is departure and arrival from your staying at inn(hotel) in the Sapporo City.
In the morning : enjoying the history and culture of Rice Wine(Sake), you can try tasting sake!
Lunch menu : please choose whichever you like better Japanese food or Western food
In the afternoon : please appreciate “KOBUSHIYAKI(most oldest pottery in Hokkaido)”
In the evening : please take a hot spring bath “ONSEN” that is a symbol of japanese culture
Please inquiries by telephone or e-mail.

Departure : 9:00a.m. Come back : 5:30p.m. staying at inn(hotel)

Customized Tours

Customized tours offer a wide range of tours that let you experience the best in the Southern Sorachi region.