Southern Sorachi Region in Hokkaido Green Tourism

Approximately one hour from Sapporo · Chitose Airport South Sorachi experience tour

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Company Profile – Travel agent : Shoudai Green Tourism Limited Liability Company

About us

Sorachi_mapI got an MBA from Otaru Business School in March, 2015.
I started my own venture business called Shoudai Green Tourism Limited Liability Company in April, 2015.
Our company is an inbound travel agent located in the southern part of Sorachi region in Hokkaido
Our company’s main office is located in Kuriyama in the south of Sorachi.

Kuriyama is my hometown. I’ve lived in Kuriyama since I was born.
I define Green Tourism as events to visit, appreciate, savor the blessings of nature, enjoy eating, stay at an inn. The southern Sorachi is different from famous tourist spots such as Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate, Asahikawa, these are all known as the Golden Sightseeing Route.

The Southern Sorachi has a geographical advantage in terms of transportation–just 60 minutes by car from Sapporo or the New Chitose Airport. Because of the limited facilities of accommodation and restaurants, etc., we target individual tourists and/or small group travelers of fewer than six from abroad.

Let’s join the Green Tourism! Stay overnight or make a day trip.
Our company offer one overnight stay, one-day and half-day programs. The Southern Sorachi has a number of tourist attractions including history, coal mining and railway.

Nature, trial programs such as bird watching in spring, boating in a river in summer, tramping over the hills in fall, and making a pile of snow in winter. We can offer a lot of trial programs under the guidance of instructors including playing golf.

Gourmet, sake, wine, Japanese food, bistro
Traveling around the area with local owner-driven cabs. We will overcome a language barrier using technical innovation of IT.

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About us

Our company Shoudai Green Tourism Limited Liability Company
Business contents Inbound Travel Agent
Address 3-97 Asahi Kuriyama town Hokkaido 〒069-1513
TEL 0123-76-7072
Our company is recorded in the register of the Hokkaido government office.
The registration number No.3-680.
Mr. Takuji Uesaka and Mr. Hiroaki Kurokawa are a qualified persons.