Southern Sorachi Region in Hokkaido Green Tourism

Approximately one hour from Sapporo · Chitose Airport South Sorachi experience tour

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Enjoy the taste of local food

We have all kinds of agricultural products of all seasons in Southern Sorachi, including mutton and pheasant meat. You can try them at local dining rooms, Japanese food restaurants, and pubs with alcohol and Western food.
Let me first introduce you to Pheasant Dish, which is one of the popular gourmet foods in the region. Pheasant is Japan’s national bird. Pheasant meat is usually boiled, grilled and roasted just like chicken. It has been consumed in Japan since the Heian Age (in the year 794-1192). Pheasant’s breeding continues around July with roughly 5,000 newly-hatched born. The bird is fatty and rich in flavor. Dark meat from legs, white meat and breast meat are grilled over a charcoal fire.

Ramen in salty soup of pheasant.
This soup is made from stock by pheasant, and the butter is made from pheasant, and the slice of roast pheasant. In other words, it is made of all pheasant.

Pheasant teriyaki and a pheasant and egg bowl
Try grilled pheasant over a charcoal fire and you can enjoy an originally tender meat and taste of pheasant. Moreover, try salty-sweet teriyaki because a bowl of rice topped with pheasant is very delicious.

Please have lunch & dinner at a Japanese food restaurant Ajidokoro, which is rated one star by the Mishelin Guide.

Kobayashi Sake Brewery has a long history of 130 years in this area.
You can try tasting sake! Be mellow Sake & Soba in a soba shop.
Kobayashi Sake Brewery has a superior brand Kitanonisiki.