Southern Sorachi Region in Hokkaido Green Tourism

Approximately one hour from Sapporo · Chitose Airport South Sorachi experience tour

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About the Southern Sorachi


The beautiful rural landscape can be called “France Farming Area in Japan.”
The Southern Sorachi has its own style and culture deeply rooted in the local nature in Hokkaido.

There is nothing famous like Mt. Fuji or Himeji castle in the Southern Sorachi but the beautiful nature of four distinctive seasons in Hokkaido:
cool and comfortable in summer and heavily snowy and cold in winter. The region initially developed with the coal mining industry.

It is a quiet region with few tourists. People live in peace. The Southern Sorachi is famous for rice-production and Kobayashi Sake Brewery,
which has a long history of 130 years with wineries for Japanese wine spreading extensively in the region.
We can see omurasaki (butterflies) wheeling in the sky in summer and a lot of greater white-fronted gooses and swans flying over the sea in spring and fall.
There are various festivals that attract many tourists.